ВоИП ( VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol )
VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) also known as internet telephony, is easy access way for you small or big company to get access to best quality telephone system without big investment to hardware system or payments of big monthly costs for conversations in other countries.
VoIP provides access to already know telephone characteristics that are usually used for traditional telephone service, by the price that is significantly smaller. VoIP is simple for use and really accessible. When in the business you decide for VoIP solutions that you have access to professional telephone system without making extra, expensive charges in technology or un expected telephone bill.

In practice as well known cheaper are local calls.
Could we skip all those calls through expencive telephone providers and their interests and only pay the real cost of our telephone call?
VoxNet is exactly what provides you with that. Through VoIP you can only pay the real cost of phone call. Over Internet we can shorten all that path trough all those countries as the call travels, instead of that the call is been made directly trough the local network of the destination number. So, you only pay the cost of the local calls in the network of the destination phone number, fixed or mobile.
-Headphones with microphone 
-VoIP bill
-Internet connection

If you already have this equipment you can use VoIP services without any extra costs!
If  you want to make calls unconditionally of your computer, than you will need VoIP hardware.

With VoIP phone, you won’t need any computer, or any adapters.

It is very simple to switch the phone to internet , to make configuration from VoxNet and than you can talk with no limits. The use of the phone is no less than the usage of ordinary phones.  All SIP compatible phones can be used by the network of VoxNet.
For all calls the quality is guarantee, and for that ‘guilty’ ones are our codecs.
Codecs are used for transforming analog audio signals in digital packs and decoding of the same from the recipient. In many codecs the compression has been made to the same place.
The bigger the compression is the quality decreases. But smaller need of Internet speed.
This is why there are many codecs, in order to satisfy many needs of different customer requests. Most of the VoIP devices offer choice of different codecs. But the chosen codec can be used depending if it is supported by your devices.
The quality of VoxNet can be compared with the quality of ISDN.
Depending of the chosen codec, the call can be with better quality. With codecs that use less Internet the weak quality is expected.

List of codecs (sorted by quality, starting from the best):
CodecInternet speedQuality of call
G.722 80 Kbit/sExelent  (better than ISDN)
G.711a / G.711u 80 Kbit/s Very good (as ISDN)
G.72655 Kbit/sGood
G.728 32 Kbit/s Good
G.729 / G.729a32 Kbit/sGood-adviced per use
iLBC32 Kbit/s Good
G.723.121 Kbit/sSatisfying
Speex Wideband10-28 KBit/sSatisying
G.72315 KBit/sSatisying
GSM 13 Kbit/sSatisying (as per mobile phone)
Speex Narrowband4-15 Kbit/sSatisying (as per mobile phone)
VoxNet supports supports G.711a / G.711u, G.729 / G.729a, GSM, same as all conversions between them. 
If you are using VoIP telephone , we are advising the G729 codec.
For all our users we are available in any time through our e-mail: sales@voxnet.com.mk
If you have any sugesstions, comments (requests for devices services..) etc, feel free to contact us on our e-mail. We will be delighted to help you to satisfy your needs.

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