Easy access all around the world, without roaming costs. You can make call even if you are in other countries from every network, wherever you are without extra costs for roaming.
Telephone calls from your office or home phone
This service provides international phone calls with a standard phone connected with VoIP adapter.
Telephone calls from your computers or  Lap Top 
VoxNet provides you with phone calls from your personal computer or Lap Top with unbelievable low prices.
•   You will be able to call any fixed or mobile phone number in Macedonia, and international phone numbers with extra low prices.
You will be able to make  phone calls even if you are out of your country from every network and have no extra costs on roaming.
•    Possibility to have foreign fixed number from many countries on which you can have incoming calls.
Make phone calls over your mobile phone:
This Service will let you make calls from your mobile phone with unbelievable low tariffs , from 0.016 EUR per minute for international telephone numbers, also as fixed and mobile network in Macedonia.
•    Access everywhere in the world without roaming costs.
•    Great quality connection and quality of call with premium routes directly from global big telecoms.

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