Privacy policy of explains where and how to protect the personal data of all registered customers of this website. This privacy policy applies only to and its sub domains, if present link connects to other websites, we assume no responsibility regarding the protection of personal data by those websites.
Every buyer with registration and purchase, declares that is familiar and agrees with our privacy policy.

All personal detailes the user enters through the registration used for successful delivery of the product and the realization of payment, and is held under the provisions of the Law on protection of personal data and not be ceded to third parties.

Information that we need are:
  • Name and Surname
  • Е-mail address
  • Address for delivery and
  • Phone number for contact 
Data we collect is kept with us, will not be published, sold or delivered to a third party unless the competent authorities in the manner specified by the legislation of the Republic of Macedonia. does not collect any information of a financial nature such as card number and / or bank account number. Data on credit card and bank account will be kept and used exclusively by Tutunska Bank.

Transaction in charge the product is diverted and processed through the payment portal credit card NLB Tutunska Bank. The portal uses advanced data protection and all processes take place through a secure connection with the bank.

Parents and caregivers are obliged to inform their young children safe and responsible handling of personal data.

Мinors are forbidden to give any personal information without permission of their parents or caregivers and deliberately won't collect or use data and information of minors. is taking all the necessary measures for protection of personal information of buyers in order to reduce the risk of 
ги превзема сите заштитни мерки за заштита на личните податоци на купувачите со цел да се минимизира ризикот од unauthorized access and misuse them.

This privacy policy is active since October 2013. Changes to the privacy policy will be published on web page at least 30 days before they take place.